Making The Social Europe Happen is committed to safeguarding your right to privacy and maintaining your personal data confidentiality. The Make The Social Europe Happen Privacy Policy applies to any and all processing of personal data carried out within our activity scope, whether customers, employees, service providers, candidates, suppliers or any third person in the labor and commercial field. In this regard, we have adopted administrative measures and internal procedures to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Making The Social Europe Happen is committed to the confidentiality and protection of all people’s data with whom it relates, in legal terms and in compliance with the GDPR. The processing of personal data is governed by Law 67/98 of 25 October, on the Protection of Personal Data.


The Making The Social Europe Happen campaign collects personal data mainly through its website at and within its professional activity scope. To proceed with data processing, we may or may not require the collection, registration, organization, conservation, alteration, recovery, consultation, use, or any other form of availability, deletion or destruction of your customers’ and employees’ personal data through automated means.


Making The Social Europe Happen collects and processes personal data from two perspectives. First, in the context of its commercial or work activity and, second, in the context of marketing. This requires the explicit consent of its holders, data that will not be possible to process in the future in an irreconcilable way with these purposes.

All information collected by Making The Social Europe Happen is for your exclusive use. The latter undertakes not to sell, exchange, rent, or share it to third parties without the user’s explicit consent, except in the event of a court decision.

Our aim with data collection is to comply with legal obligations with competent authorities and to make our projects and other helpful information known by email (in the case of marketing actions).

The data collected will be only that which is strictly necessary and adequate for the fulfillment of the described purposes and will be kept up to date. Personal data may be preserved for a pre-defined period considering the goals of the treatment. They will be deleted or pseudonymised after the period of conservation.